Time-Saving Systems Integrations

It’s frustrating when the information you need is difficult to access, out of date, and tedious to use. We have a variety of Time-Saving Integration solutions listed below that can help you create a seamless connection between your systems while maximizing their capabilities and value to your business.

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System to System Integration

Businesses often adopt individual software systems to meet specific needs as they grow their operations. When these systems function independently, it can lead to mismatched data, tedious duplicate data entry, and overall frustration. We provide integration solutions (middleware) to automate the process of pushing and pulling information from one system to another, keeping all of your data synchronized and up-to-date.

icon-One-Way Integrations

One-Way Integrations

If you need a simple solution such as file imports and exports or electronic data interchange, one-way systems enable you to streamline the transfer of information from one system into another. Our business system consultants can help you find the right level of integration and automation that will save you time and make you more productive.

Two-Way Integrations

Two-Way Integrations

Two-way system integration solutions can be as simple as pushing data back and forth or more advanced with validation on both ends. They allow you to synchronize across connected platforms so you can access the same data regardless of what system you are on. We can get your systems communicating by connecting them with advanced middleware and APIs.

Complex Data Synchronization

Complex Data Synchronization

When real-time data consistency is critical to your operations, tightly integrating your systems through a central data warehouse or multi-pronged integration allows you to push and pull data between all of your connected systems. We can help identify the best way to pull your systems together into one centralized view.

System Add-Ons & Functionality

Implementing add-ons and expanding functionality can enhance the value of your existing system (without requiring a full replacement or revamp). Miles Integration Services can help you tie processes together by creating system connections that automate and share updates to data as well as enable new features to your process. Add-ons can be implemented through both one-way and two-way integration depending on the level of data reconciliation and analysis required, and you may be surprised at the range of platforms to which these kinds of solutions can be added.

Below is a list that just scratches the surface of the integrated add-ons and functionalities we’ve helped implement.

  • Web Portals
    Web Portals
  • Mobile Apps
    Mobile Apps
  • Reporting
  • Business Intelligence and Analysis
    Business Intelligence
  • Mapping
  • Payment Processing
    Payment Processing
  • Survey Tools
    Survey Tools
  • Barcoding
  • IoT Integration
    IoT Integration

Custom Hybrid Solutions

Businesses typically rely on a core system to serve the bulk of their operations. For everything the core system can’t do or that it doesn’t do well, there’s an opportunity to add greater functionality and value. Whether you have an out of the box application (such as an industry specific ERP), a fully customized and proprietary solution, or work with organizations who have their own software, a customized integration can be built for you to extend its functionality.

We specialize in integrations and APIs that automate your business processes, reduce human error, and free up resources so that you can focus on the most critical work towards advancing your business. By leveraging and configuring standardized integration tools (such as Zapier) or by consulting with you and building unique custom integrations for your business information systems, our project management team and software developers will work with you to determine how best to connect your workflows and reduce overhead.

Hybrid integration solutions allow you to combine standardized software with custom systems and 3rd party entities.

Core Software System Integration Solutions Hybrid integration solutions allow you to combine standardized software with custom systems and 3rd party entities.

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